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Buy Andrew’s photographs as fine art prints, both framed and ready-to-frame. All are hand signed and titled.

Also available are acrylic face-mounts, and canvas prints which are ready to hang in the walls in your home.

Andrew Barnes Landscape Photography

Andrew (Barney) Barnes

Andrew has had a camera firmly in his hand since he was six. From that original 126 format first film camera, where the price of processing a four inch square print in black and white was ten shillings per print (that’s six pounds sterling for a roll of twelve images, dear reader, and had to be sent to Kodak for developing and printing ), he then moved to the world of 35mm print film, before investing in first one, then two 35mm SLR cameras. Why two? Because at that time, a second camera was needed to allow him to shoot both print and also enter the wonderful world of slide film, firstly on Kodachrome and then the eye-opening Fuji 50, later to become Velvia. Remember film? I think it’s important to remember film, as I was drawn to the vivid colours of Velvia that were for a long time not available in the digital world. The years passed, and a few thousand pictures were taken, a decade was spent tending to the needs of brides and, to a much lesser extent, grooms, before Andrew returned to what he is passionate about, taking photographs of this wonderful world we live in, its moods, atmospheres, its wild ways and its serenity. Happiness is standing in waves crashing around your knees. Happiness is crouching in a blowing gale on the edge of a rock precipice. And happiness is actually getting a shot when the last three times at that particular location the light did just not come to the party when you were there. Andrew had has his work published nationally and internationally. Now it’s your turn to enjoy it.

Patrick O'Sullivan
7 May 2023 at 10:50 am

Hey there ,
You just randomly popped up on my FB feed. Your photo of me at Mount Hotham appeared at Karen’s mom’s house last week. We’ve been kicking around Australia for the last 4 months. Back to Colorado at the end of month. Hope you’re well. Love to hear from you.

    28 July 2023 at 3:47 pm

    Hi Patrick – thanks for the note but sadly i think you have the wrong Andrew as I have not been to Mt Hotham. Thanks mate – Andrew

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